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Joyce Meyer (17)

Joyce Meyer says that when I see a need, I am going to work for justice. If I see something and I say, “you know, that’s not right,” one option I don’t have is to do nothing. I have to do something. I have to pray. I have to ask god what I can do. Joyce Meyer Online stated that  if I can’t do it, I have to go find somebody who can but I cannot ignore it; I have to do something. One of my daughters called me a couple of weeks ago — she actually emailed me. She knew of a family that had a lot of needs and they had some limited resources. She said, “I’m willing to do this but I can’t do any more. I know you don’t know these people but I know you like to help people. Would you want to do something toward this?” so, we finished off the need. I didn’t have to know them to help them.

Joyce Meyer has the thing is, she couldn’t do it by herself, so she didn’t just shut down and say, “well, I can’t.” She went and found somebody that could do it. Hello. Maybe you can’t meet a need all by yourself. Well, get together ten of your other bored, lazy Christian friends. The next time you go to lunch, instead of gossiping about everybody at church… Come on now, you’re too tired to fight me off so just… I dare you to never again in your life attend a pity party. The devil will invite you. You will get invited to every pity party he throws but I’m daring you to never again attend a pity party.

Joyce Meyer Online says when things don’t work out for you the way that you want them to work out, ask yourself: what are my options? For years I would do these conferences and I would have such a good time in the conferences. Then we would go home and Dave would want to play golf on Sunday.

Joyce Meyer Ministries said: I really want you to give me your word that you won’t go out and buy anything.

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