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To Serve God

Joyce Meyer (7)

Joyce Meyer stated that “Poor me — I’m trying to help people and everybody’s out to get me.”

Pastor Phil: I think we just love and love people all the time, and we find ourselves keeping ourselves in good heart and actually winning them around to a better frame of mind themselves.

Joyce Meyer Online stated somebody said something to me a couple of weeks ago that I thought was really great, and it’s coming back to my heart. So often we talk about the sacrifices you have to make to serve God, the sacrifices you have to make in ministry, the sacrifices you have to make to go forward. This gentleman said, “I’ve come to understand that if what I get out of something is greater than what I’ve had to put into it, then I can’t call it a sacrifice.” Yeah, I lost some friends and I was embarrassed, and some things were hard for me but, dear God, what he has done for me — the joy I have, the peace I have, the privilege of being able to help people, I can’t really call it a sacrifice by Joyce Meyer Ministries.

So you’re right, we need to not focus on all these little things that try to hold us back and the people who hurt us and the people who don’t like us. We have a tendency to focus on those negatives, yet there are so many positives. It’s kind of like being married to somebody and you just focus on the three things that are wrong, and then you fail to see the 15 things that are right.

Joyce Meyer has even find them anymore because you’ve stared at what’s wrong for so long. So, we really want to leave people with the idea today that there are going to be hurts in the world — you’re not going to avoid that– but the healer lives inside of us. Hallelujah! And he’s always there to make everything well. Thanks, Phil, for being on the program today and helping us learn that there’s always healing in Christ. We want you to hold on because help is on the way, and I’m going to pray for you right after this break.

Joyce Meyer – You’re not going to be free just because you want to be, and you’re not going to be free just because I stand up here and tell you can be free.

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