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God Gives Us Different

Joyce Meyer (17)

Joyce Meyer says that’s right. I know Dave has honored the gift that God has put in me and people always want to know “how does Dave feel about you being in the position you’re in and him not being the one that’s “in front of the camera or in the pulpit?” and Dave a long time ago realized that God gives us different gifts for different reasons and his gift is not less than mine; it’s just not as focal as mine is.

John: He’s one of my heroes. I said that to 5,000 people the other night. I literally named Dave’s name. I’m sorry if I’m interrupting but I named his name and I said “he is one of my heroes because Dave saw the gift in Joyce  Meyer Online and Dave caused Joyce’s gift to flourish by loving her and honoring her, but yet, Dave flourishes in his gift. Dave is gifted in a different capacity than you are. You guys are a classic example of what I’m trying to communicate.

Joyce Meyer says And to be honest, John, Dave and I have been married now over 40 years and we do have a really good relationship and I believe that it’s gonna stay this way, we’re gonna have longevity, and I believe it’s because we’ve tried to obey these biblical principles. Even though I’m “in a position of authority,” I’m very careful to honor my husband. I’m very careful to not ever at least purposely make him in any way, shape or form feel belittled, and Dave also honors the gift that God has put in me.Joyce Meyer Ministries stated that he goes with me everywhere I speak. Every time I speak, he says “you did a good job.” So, if we will honor one another, then God’s reward can come into our lives and I believe that we’re seeing that also, not only in what God’s letting us do in ministry but just in our joy and our peace and all these different things. There are so many people who are disrespectful to their children, their children are disrespectful to them, husbands and wives are disrespectful to one another, the children are seeing that and it’s just setting family units up for total failure and disaster.

Joyce Meyer Online – Come on!: Well, it’s just so hard. It’s just so hard. Well, it’s just so hard.

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