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Sense of responsibility

Joyce Meyer (20)

John: I remember as a pastor one time, I had a man who was carrying a major grudge with a sister-in-law. He just kept talking about what she had done to him, and he just couldn’t let it go. I kept talking to him and I said, “you’re going to have to release this. You’re going to have to let this go.” he looked at me and he said, “but you don’t know what she’s done to me.” I said, “that’s true but I know what you’re doing to yourself by not letting this go, by not being merciful, by not being forgiving and caring. I know what you’re doing to yourself.” And I think what you’re saying is if we can be merciful, we’re not going to carry this stuff, which loads us down and keeps us… We lose focus and it scatters us. Just travel lightly through life; don’t carry all this stuff with us.

Joyce: We’re going to try one more, John. We’re okay so far. Let’s see — we’ll go back over here.  Don’t have a false sense of responsibility.

John: Oh, yes. This happens all the time where I think I have to carry loads that I don’t have to carry, and take care of people that I don’t have to take care of.

Joyce Meyer: “Well, if I don’t take care of this, who will?” “If I don’t get involved in this, how am I going to know it’s done right?”

John: Hey! And not only is it a false sense of responsibility but it’s also a false sense of ego, as if sometimes if I did it, it would really be right. So sometimes I think it’s our ego that causes us to have a false sense of responsibility. It’s almost like an indispensable feeling; like there isn’t anybody else who can do this like I can do this, and there isn’t anybody who understands this like I understand this, so I have to do it, I have to pick it up.

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