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Each person’s different

Joyce Meyer (17)

At that time he called them teaching tapes because that’s all there was back in the seventies but I realize now we’re sending out these tapes all over the world, 200 countries on tv and hundreds of radio stations, so they’re going all over the place, so I definitely heard from God but I didn’t know for sure. I’m a young woman making my bed, listening to a message and all of a sudden this desire comes into my heart — this overwhelming desire to preach. Well, I didn’t go out and try to start a worldwide ministry; I started a home bible study and did that for five years, and that worked.

Then I felt like God was finished with that, so for a year I did nothing and that was a real testing time for me because I really felt like God had spoken to me that the time was over to finish that bible study and I felt like he said “I’m going to do something new” but for a year he did nothing.

That was also a real purification testing time for me of testing my vision, so even if God speaks something to you and nothing happens for a long time, that doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t hear from God. Say like for example when we went on radio, we felt like God wanted us to go on radio, I was on one station for five years and then we went on a little package of eight stations, probably five of which were no good, and we were on those for I don’t know how long until they were finally paying for themselves, then we went on a few more.

Joyce Meyer Online – I just always feel like take a baby step and see if it fits, see if it works, see if God’s favor is on it, see if he’s opening the doors, and then take another step.

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