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God’s plan for your life

Joyce Meyer (1)

Joyce Meyer: Today on “enjoying everyday life” we’re going to talk about how we can come to God in a comfortable manner through his grace rather than trying to approach him legalistically by following all the rules and regulations.

Joyce: You have to make sure that you’re going to God to get God’s plan for your life, and you’re not just running to other people all the time to find out what they’re doing so you can go try to do what they’re doing, so you think you can be what they are. I’ve tried several different things and what works for other people just doesn’t always work for me. I don’t tell people how much time I spend with God because I don’t want anybody trying to do what I do. I believe God gives me a grace to study because of what he’s called me to do. Joyce Meyer Online but I know people who spend a lot more time at one time in prayer than I think I could ever handle. I don’t really know how much I pray because I just kind of try to pray all day; whenever I need to and think about it. I have set-apart times of prayer but I just want to live with him. I hope just anybody here is having as much fun as I am. Even cleaning your house can become a law. I used to be like that. Everything got cleaned every day. We vacuumed every day, we dusted every day, we shined every mirror in the house every day. I say “we” which means I gave the orders and my kids worked. No, I did a lot of it too. I mean every day, every day. My friends would go places and they’d go out to garage sales or they’d go to the…

Joyce Meyer Ministries – We had a big market in our town — still have it — where you can get all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables that the farmers would truck in every day, and they’d go down there one day a week and go out for lunch, and they just had so much fun.

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