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The Upside of Sacrificing Your Pride

Joyce Meyer (3)

If you’ve been through some tough times in your relationships, you probably know that being right is highly overrated. We’re not likely to agree with each other by accident because we’re all different, so we need to put a real effort into creating an atmosphere of unity.

And where there’s unity, there’s anointing and blessing. There’s power in agreement…and there’s peace.

I can promise you that sometime in the next week, you will have an opportunity to be offended. You may be tempted to have an all-out fit. But before that even happens, I encourage you to set your mind to be the “bigger” person.

Why? Because when we do, we can have the healthy relationships God wants us to have.

We’re not ever going to be perfect like Jesus, but we can get better at loving imperfect people. In other words, we can be like Him. Are you with me? Let’s give God glory in our relationships.

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