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From Dream to Reality: Giving Birth

Joyce Meyer (5)

You might be in a place where it’s time to give birth to your dream. You conceived the dream, made it through all the way to full-term, and now you’re ready to begin living your dream. You’re probably pretty excited about this step, but I must warn you, the worst pain often comes right before delivery.

Delivery Day

The Bible calls this time “travail.” In Isaiah 53, it says that Jesus had travail of soul, but it brought Him satisfaction. When He was in the garden shortly before the crucifixion, Jesus prayed for God to remove the cup He was about to drink if it was possible, but He knew that God’s will needed to happen, even if it brought Him great pain.

So often our dreams and visions are about what we want for our lives. But Jesus wasn’t praying for anything that would do Him any good. Everything He did when He gave His life and died on the cross wasn’t about what was best for Him—it was all for our benefit.

We need to realize that while God always has our best interest at heart, there will be times when we need to be willing to put aside what we want or what is easy for us so we can do the right thing to help someone else. Occasionally you can talk someone into going through this painful time of delivery—dying to self—if they think they are going to get something personally out of it, but it’s another thing entirely if it’s all about helping someone else and the kingdom of God.

Don’t settle for living a self-centered life that will hold you back from living in the fulfillment of God’s dreams. It is likely that He will call you to die to many things before your dream is ready to be delivered. He knows when we’re tired of waiting and we’ve been dreaming for a long time, but He needs us to go through that time to get us ready.

When you think you can’t stand one more minute, if you will bear down and push through it…the baby will arrive. You’ll go through all the travail of birth, but the Bible says that when that baby is born, you’ll forget all the pain and will be filled with complete joy.

There’s a seed of everything God is on the inside of you. As you let Him take those seeds and allow Him to do His work, you’ll conceive and give birth to something bigger and better than you imagined. And the fulfillment of your dream will be beneficial to you, the people around you and the kingdom of God.

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