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Clinging to the Vine

Joyce Meyer (21)

Have you ever seen a movie where a guy is out in the desert, and he thinks he sees a pool of water up ahead? He runs and jumps in the middle of it and finds out it’s just sand. It was just a mirage—something that appeared to be something it wasn’t. Satan often keeps us chasing after things that end up leading us to nothing. What we really need is to just hang on the vine.

In John 15:5 (AMP), Jesus says, I am the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever lives in Me and I in him bears much (abundant) fruit. However, apart from Me [cut off from vital union with Me] you can do nothing.

Think about a branch that’s cut off from the vine: The first and second day it’s still looking good. On the third day, it gets a little bit droopy. Then it gets a little crispy around the edges on day four. And by day five there’s only one little green thing left. By day six, it’s in a real mess. It’s the same way for us spiritually when we don’t stay connected to Jesus, the Vine that gives us life.

I used to try so hard to be good. I loved God and wanted to please Him, but I just couldn’t behave right sometimes. It was so frustrating until I realized that I need to always stay connected to Jesus so I can produce the fruit of good behavior.

How are people going to know that we’re Christians? They’re going to see the fruit of the Spirit. And we can develop that fruit when we cling to the Vine. You’re not going to get it by struggling and being frustrated and trying to make it happen yourself. It’s going to happen by spending time with God.

How to Spend Time with God

If my husband comes to me and says, “I really want to spend the day with you,” then I put aside everything else and give him my attention. It’s not really what we do that matters—he just wants to be with me. Sometimes we get all caught up in what we think God wants us to do. We think, I’ve got to read my six chapters in the Bible and pray for an hour and…

But what you need to do is go somewhere you can be alone with your Bible, a notebook and some worship music and be with God. Some days you’ll read more Scripture than others, and some days you’ll be more quiet or pray more than others. Some days you may worship and sing or even cry or laugh. Every day doesn’t have to be the same; what matters is that you’re spending time with Him.

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